Tuesday, January 25, 2011

EXCEPT IF Reviews!

Today is the release date for my new picture book EXCEPT IF. It is getting great reviews. Here are a few excerpts:

School Library Journal
"EXCEPT IF is an entertaining, intriguing mental adventure..."

" a deceptively simple yet delightful tale... Averbeck proves that he grasps the incredible power of the page turn. Every time readers think the situation is set, two singular words—except if —change everything... The existential question posed holds huge potential for organized classroom exercise and solo flights of fancy alike."

Horn Book
"Clever children will quickly pick up the progression and enjoy the surprise of each page turn ...that neatly upends their suppositions... the sequence of surprises continues all the way to the satisfyingly circular ending. Teachers often look for books that use inference, but here's one that shows the downside of inferring too quickly, otherwise known as jumping to conclusions.

Publisher's Weekly
..."it's a book in which the action unfolds in the mind as much as it does on the page."

"It’s a concept that starts cleverly and then, almost sneakily, warms the heart."