Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tweet Me, Baby

I'm a luddite. I admit it. Months ago the kidlitosphere was chattering about this new thing called twitter. I completely dismissed the idea. I mean, what can a writer say in 140 characters? And the name...twitter... it sounded vaguely obscene.

But soon twitter was everywhere. All we were hearing was about congressmen tweeting at the State of the Union address and 9-year-olds tweeting that mommy had fallen down and she couldn't get up.

I realized that I was once on the cutting edge but now I'm a crusty old man who says, "Damn these kids today! How short is their attention span anyway?

So I am turning over a new leaf. I am at a social media with Lynn Hazen and Susan Taylor Brown.


I am embracing my inner twitterer, flickrer, facebooker, redroomer, tumblrer...whatever. I am linked in.

At least until I find it is taking too much time.