Monday, January 26, 2009

Awards Awards Awards

It is the season for awards for children's literature. Gold and silver medals are raining down from heaven and sticking onto the covers of a few books. I had a little site that rounded up the "mock" award lists from around the country. Lets' see how they did at predicting the major award winners.

I took the top 15 titles from each of the roundups (Caldecott, Newbery and Printz) to see how many won awards and which ones they won. I wanted to include results here, but frankly the formatting is a nightmare. Check out the lists at to see more.

The Mock Caldecott lists did the best at predicting award winners. Nine of the top 15 titles (by number of mock mentions) won 12 major awards- including my own shiny silver Zolotow Honor for "In a Blue Room." AND Top Roundup vote getter "A House in the Night" took the Caldecott Medal.

The Mock Newbery Roundup didn't do as well. Of the top 15, only 4 title took a total of 5 awards.

We didn't have much participation in the Mock Printz roundup. I guess because the award is newish, or maybe because it is for older readers? In any case, all four Printz Honor winners were on the roundup, but the winner, Jellicoe Road, was nowhere to be seen.

Next up: The Notables and SCBWI's Golden Kite, among others.

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