Thursday, June 5, 2014

Reviews So Far

Some nice things said about my first novel A HITCH AT THE FAIRMONT

"--macabre twists that wouldn't be out of place in a Dahl book. A fine read and a decent love letter to all the Hitchcock stood for." (Kirkus)

"--the pacing and length of scenes are right out of a 1950s Hitchcock film: slow and lingering on set pieces and build-up, broken with quick and cinematic action sequences. The back matter introduces many of the author’s favorite Hitchcock films, as well as information about the real man and the real Fairmont Hotel. This is a fantastic introduction to the great filmmaker and to a 1950s sensibility of childhood and Hollywood.... try this with the Blue Balliett or Trenton Lee Stewart fan set. (School Library Journal)

A Junior Library Guild Premier Selection for Summer 2014


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