Friday, March 13, 2009

Me Am Confused

So, I have a Google Alert set that tells me when new review for my book goes up. I followed the link in one of the alerts today and ended up in a sort of “Bizarro” kidlitosphere. (Me am hating you Bizarro Lois. Marry me!)

The blog seems to take other reviews from the internet and randomly replaces certain words with (sometimes obscure) synonyms.

Check it out, it is pretty funny (provided you aren't the original author of the stolen review:)

So, from the SLJ review, “This dreamy bedtime book doesn't have a single unnecessary word” becomes "This dreamy bedtime hall doesn’t have a sole unjustifiable synonym” and “This lovely book works well as a one-on-one bedtime read, but it would also be the perfect final selection for a pajama storytime" becomes “This endearing book works all right as a one-on-one bedtime read, but it would also be the unfaultable final inspection all for a pajama storytime”

And my favorite, from Publisher’s Weekly, “The final appearance of the blue room, which sounded so impossible at first, will feel to children like a promise kept” becomes “ The essential parallel of the pitch-black legroom, which sound accordingly impossible firstly, will annex the condensation to children close to a declare kept.”

I guess some clever programmer decided that the best way to get those Amazon affiliate kickbacks would be to just steal others’ reviews, have a program alter them slightly, and stick them in a blog. But oddly, he still credits the original reviewer. If I were one of them, I think I'd track this guy down and serve him a cease and desist order (or a terminate and abstain order.)

I’m not sure whether to be amused, annoyed, or alarmed.

Hmmm... Maybe I’ll use this method to write my next book. I’ll call it “Place Where is Found the Uncivilized Objects.”

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