Monday, August 17, 2009

Needful Things

I am in Cabo working on my novel, as are my friends
Lynn Hazen, Ellen Hopkins, Kristin Howell, and our host, Amy Laughlin.

There are things you need when writing a novel in Cabo. Here are some of them:

A view to ignore.
A sarong - because you don't want to waste time getting dressed
when there are chapters to revise.

Caffeine and sugar in liquid and solid form, because
proper nutrition is important to growing authors.

Adolfo the butler, to keep guacomole bowl full
and the margarita pitcher clean (for later use.)

Four motivated and talented friends to set a good example.
(clockwise from bottom left: Lynn, Hazen, Ellen Hopkins, Amy Laughlin
and Kristin Howell ignoring the view, sacrificing for their art.)
Not pictured: a vivid imagination, a knowledge of the craft,
a willingness to be critiqued,


Ellen Hopkins said...

Sacrifices must be made sometimes. And the view will be there once the writing is finished.

Lynn E. Hazen said...

Quit distracting me with your blog posts, Jim! I am trying to write!

Anonymous said...

"I am in Cabo working on my novel"

Perfect example of an opening line. I'm instantly caught. (Okay, and jealous!) Have a great writing time!

Vaquerogirl said...

OK- Now I'm even more envious!
BTW - you and Sue DO owe me a drink or maybe even TWO!

You look mah-velous in that sarong thing-y!

sunihali said...

Lovely, but you forgot one thing . . . ME!